Off to Battle!

My ultimate dream is a guidebook that would give me a simple list of all the stores someone of our (meaning all of us who enjoy Hemingway-ish things) taste would love to visit. I know the point of travel is to expand one's horizons but there has to be some of this genre in all places.  If researching Venice, for instance, those guide books will send you to a billion bead and glass shops (in which I have no interest at all).  How about sending me to all the places like Santa Maria Novella (which, yes, is in Florence)?  

I'm attempting to do this with the ole blog, but that also means leaving Brooklyn a bit more often than I do.  So, in the spirit of expanding our horizons (albeit in a limited/within-very-tight-aesthetic constraints kinda way), never be shy about sending those places my way!

David Shaghaghi, owner of Battle, did just that. He writes: Battle is based in Brighton on the South coast of the UK, sometimes sunny but at the moment wet and typically British. Selling Antiques and decorative items from the 18th century to the 1930's; we strive for an old fashioned quintessentially English Gentlemanly feel to the shop. The shop was started mid last year, and we are in the process of hopefully moving to larger premises in the next few months.

Here are a couple of the Battle window displays, which change at least every three weeks.

Battle, 27 Trafalgar Street, Brighton


  1. lisa says:

    I love your idea - especially for armchair travelling - but (with all due respect) I kinda like that some of those special places are off the beaten track and off the map. That's what makes them special to me. Nevertheless, I love your site, your insight and please continue with your wonderful photos!

  2. That's the tricky part! Only a select few can find out about these lists - so the places DO stay off the map. Haha.

  3. Andrew says:

    Great idea. Every city has all these different layers or perspectives with each person's city different than another's. When we travel and look at guidebooks we end up with the common denominator version. I think that is the way travel guides could go through ebooks or something allowing for customization. (ex: 10 pages on steampunk Paris, 5 pages on Paris taxidermy, but I'll cut out everything about nightclubs and Eurodisney) Wikitravel had that kind of customization as one of their goals but not sure how it went.

  4. Hollister - YOU should write the book. Go!

  5. Toad says:

    Do you know from Bentley's in London?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Francis street in Dublin, Ireland is the place that you should love to visit again and again

  7. Ernest Wong says:

    Dear Hollister,

    I enjoyed your blog very much. It's quite rare to meet a lady who is addicted to the Hemingwayish things. By the way, I think you should seriously consider to emigrate to London which is the capital of all gentry things.

    Hong Kong

  8. Ernest Wong says:

    Dear Hollister,

    The boutique hotel " Eugenia" in Bangkok is the place that you should love to visit. Please take time to visit the web site

    Hong Kong

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hollister,

    I do agree that the paradox in it all is that these places are great finds because they are usually shrouded in quietude and mystery. I myself worry about all the antiques in the world disappearing (silly, I know) what with places like Pottery Barn and Ralph Lauren snatching up the goods to inspire 'nouveau vintage' (though as a recent post of yours indicated, perhaps places like Ralph's does return the things back to their natural habitat after they're done examining them). Anywho, I'm from Dallas, and here's one of my haunts:
    Its website isn't wonderful, but McKinney is a small town! - think To Kill a Mockingbird, I really do expect to see Atticus coming out of the courthouse in the square at lunch time. Good luck with the endeavor, I'll send more your way.

    Your Ardent Reader,

  10. Brendan Michael says:

    Herringbone, Bow Ties, & Tweed!
    Reminds me of your bicycle posts.


    San Francisco

    I'll be in tweed tonight.

  11. Awesome display...wish more shops would take the time to be creative in their presentation.

  12. Erica says:

    Maybe not a guidebook, but a boy with a heavy Italian accent and an easygoing nature who would show me all the places I wouldn't find on my own.

  13. I wouldn't be surprised if it's already one of your haunts, but I feel like I should mention B4 on Houston near Christie.

  14. Dear Hollister.

    If ever in stockholm, do check out Oscar & Clothilde.

    I think you'd dig it the most!


  15. oooh you should write that guide!

  16. tomtom says:

    Wonderful blog, I have ponded for a while how to term this sort of stuff (which I share your love fore).. "Hemmingway-ish" is excellent!