Hollister Gets An iPhone, Goofs Off

The title explains it all. A few shots of my office in the Graybar Building above Grand Central (quite nice to sit within a stone's throw of an Oyster Bar, Campbell Apartment...and tennis courts...not to mention all that train access).

Port and I found that old office chair in KC for $5.  Our great grandma wrote the blue book - How I Came to Be, The Story of An Unborn Child - the first American "sex ed" book, well, on the books.
My Kikkerland cow anatomy puzzle holds court over a series of useless, space-sucking, but fun items.


  1. I just got one as well. Caution: you will be hooked.

  2. wow, the cow anatomy puzzle is really kinda great. love the first shot.

  3. What funny timing. I bought an iPhone this weekend but ended up taking it back and getting another BlackBerry. I didn't like that you had to "push" messages through and I could not type on that little screen. Now I know why they call it a crackberry! I had withdrawl symptoms after an hour! Good luck with yours!

    P.S. Love your office!

  4. I got an iphone in Sept and love, love it!! Very easy to goof off now. Where can I get a cow anatomy puzzle??

  5. i have been wanting to get an iphone as well!

    can you let me know where you got that fantastic skull vase? i seriously need it!

  6. Annabelle says:

    Wow! It takes great photos. How cool that your grandma wrote the first sex ed book! Awesome opening line to tell at parties!! :-)

  7. lisa says:

    Thanks for the kikkerland link!

    Just bought my husband the perfect valentines gift...

    the Hercules Beetle!

  8. Thanks for the link to the puzzle - just ordered the human anatomy one.

  9. I've gotten _addicted_ to photo filter apps for the iPhone. Check out Polarize (free) gives them low saturation, high contrast, and puts them in a Polaroid frame. Also, Photo FX, (about $3) that has tons of Tiffen filters. (Full disclosure, my friend wrote that one.)