Ebay Shopping: Gieves + Hawkes Buckshot Loafers

Men's Vogue featured these beautiful kicks when they first came out.  The random pattern on the toe: the result of a deliberate point, aim, fire with buckshot initiative when they were just mere hides.  UK size 12.  Bids sit at £169.99; auction ends in two days.


  1. Just my size! LOVE it!
    I love your site and check you everyday!

  2. if i died them black they would be amazing.
    i don't wear brown (a flaw i know)- but i have a great guy who will do it for me!

  3. k says:

    i don't get it ??? :(

  4. Shoes belonging to Dick Cheney's friends?! Be well, The Hostess

  5. Grant . . BTW . . .love your bow tie!

  6. Great shoes. I've toyed with the notion of picking up a pair. But, there's something about the buckshot pattern that, to my mind, it way too messy, scattered, and disordered. Just the thought of all that randomness on the toes of my loafers would drive me bonkers.

  7. Those are spectacularly lovely.

  8. i think the random buckshot pattern elevates these to something truly great. love 'em!

    ^^hi grant! i love your blog ... and your bow tie ; ) ... i think you should try wearing brown ... seriously ... you'll know why at once!

  9. Diantha says:

    My boyfriend bought the brogues in London, and is very happy about them.