Boys in My Room

This may be as close to a Valentine's day post as it gets - which reaches ultimately creepy levels since my dad gave me all these guys. We found them at a Kansas City flea market decades ago and they always hung in my favorite room - our unfinished man room, right off the attic. By this weekend, they will hang in my bedroom, a room in which no one could ever imagine a woman slept.  (I did my duty with a feminine boudoir during my entire childhood: pink pillow ticking, incredible canopy-ish beds from the governor's mansion in Lincoln, pale pink walls and a sounds-horrid-but-was-absolutely-tasteful bow theme). In situ photos of the collection hanging in my home's new man room (sans bows) pending...   


  1. Excellent. Your father has set the Valentines's Day bar to an Olympian level.

  2. These are wonderful. Classic. It's always helpful, too, if one has a familial connection to the units illustrated. The English side of my family always insisted strongly that I feature English (or British) soldiers in the prints that I put up in my college rooms, a suggestion with which I happily, naturally agreed. It is one reason I have placed prominent Guards prints in my office.

  3. Sick says:

    Very dandyish. Brava!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Black Watch, my favorite.

  5. arresting prints! skinner's horse and hodson's horse are phenomenal.

  6. columnist says:

    My father was in the Black Watch, and it remains one of my favourite tartans. (Apart from my own.)

  7. Have any of you guys (or gals) seen the play Black Watch that was showing at Queen Ann's Warehouse in Dumbo? God, it was great.

    Be sure to watch the video!

  8. Leciawp says:

    I love these. I'll check out your video link - thanks.

  9. trip says:

    Those are awesome. Do you have any idea of their origins?

  10. No idea of their origin. They're all framed in these great delicate wood frames - ivory with a tiny inner red border.

  11. Please show us these installed! They are spectacular. And I agree with heavy tweed jacket- who could ever top your father's gift- on valentine's day or otherwise? So perfect!

  12. Pitboss12 says:

    Very cool images. They remind me of my father-in-law's collection of Britons soldiers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    brilliant prints.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The prints look to be from the 1930s and are very much in the Lawrence Fellows / Leslie Saalburg style. They definitely have that Apparel Arts feel.

  15. Diantha says:

    hey, columnist! My father was in the Black Watch too--1942-45. When was yours?

    It's also my favorite. And sadly, I missed Black Watch at St. Ann's.

  16. columnist says:

    Diantha - I think 1946-48, and he served in Greece.

  17. Raj Singh says:

    Love your posts. Skinners Horse has a fascinating story in India.There is a beautiful church made by Col.Skinner in Delhi. The regiment still exists in the Indian Army as a tank regiment.