A Sale Fit for a Gent!

Oh, what a terrible tragedy to have not been in London today.  Bonhams managed to auction off my entire repertoire of taste in one fell swoop: taxidermy, militaria, Victorian library do-dads, chesterfield couches.  A Gentleman's (er, in my case, Gentlewoman's) Library Sale of the finest!  Almost everything sold, but the catalog should spawn a thousand new ebay searches.  

(The sale included a collection of animal skeletons, fossils, human skulls, butterflies, tusks and other curiosities amassed by Southwold archaeologist and anthropologist, Hubert Dennis Colllings).

A few of my favorite things (all sold!).

(Exhibition photo courtesy The Telegraph. Item images courtesy Bonhams).

Thank you, Toad, for sending me to this brilliant collection!


  1. Laura says:

    So fascinating! I love that webbed foot. Very morbid yet cool.

  2. Toad says:

    Glad to be of service.

  3. Nice layout. Those brass steps are outstanding!

  4. Anonymous says:


    your taste level is beyond reproach.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Ironically Curious!
    Curiously ironic!

    The man in the photo is holding a Narwhal. And all the Narwhal have been withdrawn from the auction.

    Could there be a mystery underfoot?

    This calls for my tweads and twinset... and a cuppa.

  6. I went to Bonhams for the auction. Some amazing things there. (Hollister - I can't believe you didn't include a photo of the stuffed polar bear).

    Also some definite bargains, although I was outbid on the few things that I bid on.