Phillips Screws Mold Despite the Efforts of Monkey

Arthur Mold thought he knew how to bowl a fast one, but was, if you talked to James Phillips, just throwing the ball across the wicket.  Phillips, the pesky Aussie ref, found the arm of England's arguably most deadly "bowler" a bit too bent and kept no-balling him from a litany of Lancashire victories. To prove himself legit, Mold hurled to his teammate, Albert Neilson "Monkey" Hornby, in front of a film crew from Thomas Edison Pictures.  Phillips won and effectively ended Mold's career.

This footage of the 1901 Edwardian cricket controversy showdown was part of nearly 800 rolls of early nitrate film shot by the Mitchell + Kenyon Company and discovered in the basement of a Blackburn shop in the 1990s.  BFI's working to restore it all.  How amazing!