1. Hollister,

    Isn't their house great. So glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for recommending my blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very cool.... I think the Hovey girls could move right in!! Christy

  3. fantastic image!!!
    love your blog.

  4. Thats wicked cool..a little scary, but cool!!!

  5. I see they repainted the chimney´s surrounds. It was formerly gold and vivid colours. Nice transformation. Fabulous house. Thanks!

  6. It's all deliciously sinister and decadent looking~
    and I mean that as a compliment.

  7. Ran across more pictures of their great digs in a Stephen Calloway's- divinely decadent book. Would you be interested in seeing them?

  8. Jonathan says:

    i can stop looking now for the perfect house.

  9. Anonymous says:

    nice find, when i grow up i want to be like these guys.
    here's some more pics of theirs from the photog's site via architecturalist's http://barrylewisphotography.com/pm/pages/imagegroup.public.display.php?igId=280

  10. tess says:

    I too love this: Revelry of the nasty bits of childhood and the dreams of Rosamund Purcell. Saw your living room in mag and love the color! Very chic.

  11. These rooms are truly to die for (no pun intented...) Thanks so much for posting them.