The Lincoln Tour: Elephant Hall

As a kid, I just died for dinosaurs and paleontology, a passion greatly fueled by my many visits to University of Nebraska's Morrill Hall ("Elephant Hall"), a veritable Wes Anderson fantasy land. The collection of mammoth skeletons there is simply incredible, made even neater by the fact that many were dug up from Nebraska soil. There was even a species of mammoth native to the area - one with four tusks and and a bit of a sinister trunk. Sadly most of these guys died out centuries ago.

A perfect font...
A group of chickens discovered this guy in 1922 on a Nebraska farm. They pecked and pecked at the fossils until the knowledgeable rancher and his wife noticed. This, the world's largest exhibited elephant skeleton at 14 feet, dates from the Pleistocene Era.


  1. Anonymous says:

    nice picture of the goth girl

  2. Kim says:

    The coolest thing was walking through there to get to for jocks, of course.

  3. Anonymous says:

    that place is one of my greatest memories as a child.. i really wish the grand hall was still there.. we used to hang out there all the time in Junior high.. i really need to go there again when i visit.. i went once after there remodel and did not feel it as much..

  4. No -- I miss that big trunkless guy that used to be in the center. I, having a bit of a sick mind even early, always felt terrible for smaller creatures that may have been around during one of his poops.

  5. Anonymous says:

    HA!! i remember that guy.. he had a rather large "appendage" that kiddies would giggle at.. I never knew that red beer was popular there? i don't know anybody that ever drank it or saw it on menus?? never saw it until i moved to colorado.. Michelada's in all the mexican restaurants.. which is much better than just red beer.. clamato,beer,Worcestershire sauce and lime..