Inaugural Desires

Everyone's weighing in on what Michelle should wear to the big day - and despite all appearances of the above, I hope to god it's not a red and black combo.  Red and brown, though, that would be nice.  I'd love if Rachel Roy could turn her beautiful blouse into a camel (or, red for the cameras) colored cashmere coat and pair it with a matching pencil skirt, brown leather belt, gloves and Louboutins.  This Chanel would also be quite chic.  

I tried doing gowns, but almost fell asleep.  Unless you see some boob, I can't be bothered, and I do understand that it would be inappropriate for her to show up at the inaugural ball looking like J-Lo.


  1. red and brown would be nice.

    i think these suggestions are brilliant, fearless, and confident! cheers ; )

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are quite the graphic artist, I've noticed. very nice.

  3. I love your picks- I think this time our new first lady might do you and fashion proud.Got Hope!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is red predictable, though?

    I imagine:
    Jade green & espresso brown.
    Chartreuse & espresso
    Orchid pink & espresso

    Agreed, I cannot wrap my head around any kind of Red/black combo - unimaginative, irritating & prole looking.

  5. lovely picks.
    she would look stunning in creams too -