Gallery Dispatch: Lalanne at Paul Kasmin in May

Yesterday, I received the most exciting dispatch from Rebecca Siegel at Paul Kasmin Gallery regarding the wonderful, brilliant French couple François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne:

Paul just returned from Paris where he was visiting our artist, Claude Lalanne. The Lalanne show that we have planned at the gallery this May is going to be rather incredible. As always, the show will be half François and half Claude. Claude is making a wall of mirrors slightly a la the YSL apartment, as well as this huge choupatte. As for Francois, who unfortunately died in December, we will be showing some of his last major works...

(Above: Claude's Alligator bench, my favorite bench of all time)

She went on to report that Claude and Francois are "the only contemporary artists in the whole Christie's YSL sale in February. They are recreating the "Lalanne room" at the Grand Palais for the sale -- it will be outstanding."

pour Claude...

pour François-Xavier...

pour Claude...

pour François-Xavier...

and the monkey tables, a joint project, next to the gator bench by Claude. Cannot wait!


  1. Oh, what spirit, what wit, what whimsy!
    tres charmant!

  2. Dickie says:

    The Gator Bench is amazing - how much does/did it sell for? Can you buy reproductions? Will you have it at your show?

  3. Amazing! Hollister, you have the best posts. My favorite blog! I may have to post about these artists. I had never heard about them and their work is astounding!

  4. I think I just love the cabbage with the legs. Too great!

  5. I so enjoy your words and pictures- a totally unique slant on everything. I love all the Lalannes work and have torn out articles about them for years- So great to see them front and center right now, with this news and two wonderful books with of their works. I hope at some point to expand on your great post and insights.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One of the alligator benches was recently in Elle Decor. Last year, I think? In an apartment by Brian McCarthy. It was wonderful.

  7. amazing, hollister!

    i can't wait! thank you for the heads-up! the monkey tables are fantastic : )