Extreme Bargain Hunting

The best bargains in NY: The Trash (caveat: one must always beware of how fresh it is and whether animals big or small (rats or dogs) have gotten to it, but in general, there are often treasures to be had).  After a long night of drinking about five years ago, I came across a shoddy, broken-down deco cabinet down the street from my apartment on 14th Street.  Missing a front door! C'est la vie! It's mahogany-colored and curvy.  It will be mine!  Beer muscles and greed allowed me to haul that puppy a full block on my back, but it was perilously short in length.  When I tried to set it down so I could get into my door, the bottom seemed to be ready to slice clean through my Achilles tendons.  Confused and a bit trapped, I tried the splits, but that wasn't much good in my tight jeans, so I went the only way I could without losing my teeth - backwards - right on top of my new prize (not a way to treat any kind of furniture).  I struggled like a turtle flipped onto its shell, but in the end, I and the cabinet survived.  It held my big fat TV in the corner of my bedroom until two weeks ago when I came home with two very affordable, but non-trash accessories: a cheapy flat screen TV and CB2's wonderful Pharm Desk Lamp (pictured, available for $79.95).  Now I have an office in the corner - and a room I actually enjoy spending time in.  Meanwhile, one of my neighbors has a new old TV and a very old deco cabinet.  Pay it forward, all, pay it forward (or be smart and sell things on ebay).


  1. lovely story.
    I love scoring a bargain!

  2. Wonderful story - unfortunately, I only seem to run into cheap, dilapidated IKEA furniture. Sigh.

  3. Laura says:

    I am just getting into the lamps that CB2 has...way better than I expected, I must say! I've been considering their photography floor lamp for a few weeks...

  4. They're quite nice! Good sturdy quality for the price. It's not peanuts, but they look great. Just wish they'd do more of the styles in black!

  5. Pitboss12 says:

    Hooray for beer muscles!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    obama is looking in the trash (or unread lit) for old lincoln stories to hype up his presidency

  7. Toad says:

    Or you could check Bonhams auction tomorrow.


  8. I have found great things in the trash in new York - especially when coming home drunk. What a funny story to boot!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wanna swap the silver lamp for black? 'Hammerite' comes in a spray and 'Rustoleum' has a hammered spray which turned my chrome PotteryBarn lamp into something a little more weathered and worn. I love the results. I lightly sprayed - not quite covering the lamps surface (3,4X)

    Where is the flag from?

  10. EE Berger says:

    Be wary of bedbugs! I had to throw out half my possessions because of a similar situation, practically ruined my life.

    I'd hate to see something like that happen to you guys- you've got a lot more treasures than I had!

    Just inspect like crazy before bringing inside the house....