Dispatch from London: Tweed + Bikes + Booze

Last weekend every Brit who ever purchased a Brooks Saddle came together with bikes, booze and tweed for the first annual London Fixed Gear and Single Speed Winter Dress Club Run. They pedaled from H Huntsman & Sons (11 Savile Row) past a spot for tea and onto the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club for additional sustenance post-ride.  Check out the great, unfortunately un-stealable pics here.

(Thanks to Nicholas for the heads up!)


  1. Anonymous says:

    What a splendid wheeze! Makes one jolly homesick.

  2. I can't imagine a bunch of people on single speed bikes riding through Bethnal Green! Toooo funny for words!

  3. H.-

    I'd marry you in a second, I don't even care much that you're a girl.


  4. Anonymous says:

    That's so brilliant. I wish I could have been there with my BB saddle for tea!

  5. Anonymous says: