Acquisitions: A Trip to Bobby from Boston

On my way back to South Station after a meeting in Boston yesterday, I flew by the highly, highly recommended Bobby from Boston and stepped into a living dream in the process.  The place is vintage preppy perfection.  I picked up an incredible Gieves & Hawkes pith helmet, a college scarf and a blazer badge from Brooks, the boarding school my dad attended (dad, I got you a gift, btw). If you're ever in Boston, you must go.

Bobby from Boston
19 Thayer Street

(The Pendleton blanket is a recent buy, too, but from the Pendleton outlet store in Nebraska City). 


  1. Bobby From Boston is the most amazing store in the US of A. God I love that store.

  2. Giuseppe says:

    I'm so glad you found Bobby's. I've been visiting the place since I was in high school. I'd go even when I was broke, becasue its like a museum in there. Judging by this blog, that place is so your style its not even funny.

    Did you know he also provides wardrobe for big budget Hollywood movies set in the 50's or 60's? Nice guy, too.

  3. ADG says:

    Really enjoying your Blog!

    This is probably redundant information for you but....when you are next in London, you have to go to Bertie Wooster on Fulham Road. It's always my first stop when I arrive. Great stuff...I've never, in 15 years of visiting BW, walked out empty handed.