Rollei Poly

Porter and I, obsessed with instant gratification, already exchanged one Christmas gift, hers (for me) being much more grand (a Sony HD HandyCam...our lives - and the blog - will never be the same!).  I, in turn, got her something in the digi photo family, but much, much, much smaller: the Rollei DigiMini camera.  It's got 5 megapixels...and the top down viewer...that old fashioned crank...and a long, long delay.  All things that will be fun and interesting until Dec. 26.  It's damned cute, though.  If nothing else, she'll have an adorable necklace.  


  1. Deb Oh says:

    Both gifts sound amazing! Happy Holidays :)

  2. I feel like I can just see the two of you, "Oh, no we shouldn't." "No, no, you're right we should wait." "We could open just one." "Just a little one, that wouldn't really hurt anything." "It is almost Christmas anyway." "It's almost better as it will save a bit of time." "OK. You first."

  3. Hahah...add to that, "It would be a shame to waste that wrapping paper..and all that time wrapping. A scarf will do instead, won't it? Yes, I'll just whip this buffalo plaid one around the box. Merry Christmas, Port!" Haha. It's sick!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hallo! I found these pictures while searching for Russian things on Flickr and thought of you!

  5. Hollister H. Hovey, I'm sad to say that I hadn't seen your blog until today. You are one of the cutest bloggers that I've never met -hands down.