Oh, Lord...Won't Ya Buy Me...

The song should've gone more like, "Oh, lord, if I buy myself a used Mercedes Benz, won't ya pay for all my repairs?" Case in point: Porter treated herself to half of a 1983 280SL convertible (our folks covered the rest) so she'd have a way to get to the high school parking lot. Not nearly as expensive as all those brand new SUVs parked alongside, but ever so intimidating. One day, a girl pulled her aside for a bit of gossip and said, "Porter, have you seen that little blonde bitch who drives the Mercedes to school?" Porter, the very blonde in question, feigned ignorance and shock. Our high school, incidentially, made headlines in the '80s for a mishap with a Mercedes symbol. Wallpaper takes a look back at these German beauties (which really do last ages, but when the tiniest of problems would arise, Kansas City's German car expert, Emery, would beg to replace the whole engine). (Above: a 1938 540K 'Autobahnkurier')

The interior of the 300S cabriolet from 1952

1934 500K cabriolet (top view)

1934 500K cabriolet (side view)


  1. Hollister - at a party the other night we were discussing my dad's 1960 190 convertible that played a major role in my growing up. Someone said, "Could you get one?" And I said, "Well, yes, maybe, I don't think it would be that expensive really." To which the gentleman to my left replied, "What's expensive is the up keep." Indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Give your high school classmates a break, Tom Wolfe made the same mistake when he was researching Bonfires.



  3. Pitboss12 says:

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  4. Pitboss12 says:

    Mercedes was the sweetest of the old European mass market manfacturers. I had an intense love of the '59 190 SL convertible. Can't find them cheap anymore.

    Antique Delahayes and Bugattis are the paragon of automotive beauty.

  5. Ryder, that's hilarious! Tom Wolfe is an alumnus of my college. One day, I woke up all scruffy and headed out to the co-op (snacks attached to bookstore) for a bagel, and in the midst of my daze, stumbled upon Tom, in full white suited glory, sitting in the middle of the room signing books.

  6. Anonymous says:


    FABULOUS post. I've always wanted a little 280L red cabriolet just tool around in on warm summer afternoons. MMMMMmmm...cozy...and sexsy.


  7. Santa Baby, I'm not sure I'll ever be that good, but please......?

  8. wow, how perfect!

    ps happy christmas, hollister! i've seriously learned so much through your stellar weblog this year! a really fun trip ; )

  9. Gorgeous autos (I can really get worked up by the interiors).

    Love the Porter story.

  10. that last one - to die for! Poor Porter!!!!

    My friend in college had the cutest MG, little white two seater convertible. I swear, it was in the shop more than out. it was never right. but it was sooooo sexy.

  11. Absolutely stunning design!

  12. sjlysnes says:

    Hilarious story about your high school!