New Year's Resolution No. 2a + 2b

No. 2a: Make coffee at home - No. 2b: Drink it from the nice china!

(On a good, tame day, I'll drink two large coffees.  That's roughly $3 bucks a pop x 2 x 365...or $2,190 a year on COFFEE!!!!...I'd hate to calculate my gin spending!)

At-home coffee also tastes (and looks) exponentially better out of Tiffany/Limoges china.

Probability of seeing this through (until, say, March): 80% 


  1. I made this resolution last year. And, oddly, had about an 80% success rate. The other benefit of drinking your coffee at home is, when you do have it "out" it's such a treat, not just a "stop." I try to save it to have with a friend - even better.

  2. Leciawp says:

    I started doing this too, about six months ago, and have stuck to it aside from the occasional latte at my very favorite local (no not Starbucks!) coffee shop. I did it as much to cut down on caffeine as to save money.

  3. Leciawp says:

    Also, EVERYTHING tastes better and is more pleasureable when not in a paper cup. And you get to enjoy your beautiful china!

  4. I make a pot of tea every night, always in a different teapot and always with a different teacup and saucer. Fine china makes everything taste better!

  5. Call me a home body, nothing finer than being home with a cup of china filled to the brim with coffee, tea or perhaps gin, just messing with you.
    I am leary of the cleanliness at most coffee places...and loathe the paper cups. Plus it saves in order to buy an Hermes Bag ---one day.

  6. do this, but want it taste life changingly good or just awesome
    what do I need?
    burr grinder - check
    doing some caramel flavoring
    is a press necessary?
    secret brand of beans?