Makin' the Most of a Bad Situation...

If the holidays are stressin', weighin' on the nerves, just take solace in the fact that you're busy dodging dodgy relatives - not ice and bullets (ok, maybe ice).  But even then, there'd be reason for cheer.  The incredible Dutch Nationaal Archief flickr pool shows us that it's possible: for captors to dance with their POWs (above: Russians teaching the German prisoners the cossack dance in 1915)...

...for the injured to look past their pain for a spot of wheelchair polo (England, 1915)... add a bit of Christmas cheer to the trenches (German soldiers with Christmas tree and cotton "angel's hair")... do anything for a cig (German prisoner offers an injured Brit a light)... look one's best while marching towards hell (Eton boys after the declaration of war, 1915) see if your friend follows all the rules of a kilt (England 1915).

(So many thanks to Neuf Francs for the heads up on these!)


  1. inspired post! many thanks and happy holidays!

  2. Priceless photos - Great post!
    Happy Holidays from Santa Fe ... .
    where the snow is divine -

  3. GWJ says:

    Ah yes, the Eton Rifles... I now understand that awesome song by the Jam a little bit more.

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks for putting things in perspective. merry xmas.

  5. The human spirit is truly an amazing thing. Thank you for this wonderful post.