Holiday (and Post-Holiday) Loot

The fruits of the holiday - and post-Christmas sales!  From me to Porter: a plaid umbrella from Ombrelli Maglia, an Italian company that's been protecting fancy people from rain since the mid-19th c. (Porter, notorious for losing umbrellas, has been threatened with a hand amputation if she leaves this behind.  Happy holidays!).  Two pairs of Car Shoes (brown penny loafers for Port, green suede for me), thanks to the fire sale at Bergdorf Goodman...which also gave me the Purple Label slippers.  I got Port the Prada heels as an early birthday (Jan. 5th) gift (from the Barney's sale).
Dad came through extraordinarily for Crimbo this year.  He gave me the much sought-after, family-published biography of Tommy Hitchcock Jr., world's greatest polo player and inspiration to Fitzgerald (he served as the basis for both Tom Buchanan in Gastby and Tommy Barban in Tender is the Night).  My grandma married his nephew, Avy Clark. Dad and his siblings grew up in Hitchcock country, Old Westbury, NY. Port received this beautiful 1930s Australian pith helmet from Rothwells Outfitting Ltd. on Edward Street in Brisbane.

A close up on the Purple Label beauties.  NOTE: The Bergdorf Men's Store has an extraordinary pair of size 13 Barker Black cognac colored loafers (with a little crown opening for the penny slot) on sale for $279. Last pair.  Some tall man, please purchase!!!!


  1. An exceptional stash of Loot!
    Even though the Purple Label slippers are a major jaw-dropper ... . my vote for the Most Coveted item has to go to the remarkable pith helmet.
    Of course.
    J de Pith Helmet

  2. Wow!!! Now that's some terrific Christmas loot..
    I need to get off the computer and head out to the stores...that's where the finds are.
    Thanks for the inspiration...

  3. {Tara} says:

    What a bounty!! Love the Prada heels and the crested car shoes! Hope you have a happy new year!!

  4. Pitboss12 says:

    You guys got some great loot. Where did you pick up the umbrella?

  5. Hollister - Santa was particularly good to you this year. So nice to see your father chose such personal gifts. Envying you the shoe sales!

  6. The downside to the Barker crown is that it looks like a Budweiser logo.

  7. Thanks, everyone! Pitboss12 - I found it at Rain or Shine ( this great little umbrella store on 45th Street between Vanderbilt and 5th right outside Grand Central. And're totally right! Haha. They still are beautiful. I die for the cognac.

  8. Leciawp says:

    I was going to ask about where to get the umbrella too. Glad Santa was so good to you - and I'm glad you two have such an awesome Dad!

  9. Bradford says:

    this is some SERIOUS loot here girls!

    too bad my feet aren't bigger. i'd have those BB's on as i type...

    (note to self: yell at both parents for not finding a mate with larger feet)

  10. Hollister your haul is divine.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My Dear Ms. Hovey,
    You made a good haul!! Have you seen the movie 'Australia" yet? The clothing and sets seem 'right up your alley'. I would love to study stills of the Faraway Downs set!! Beautiful!!

  12. green with envy, on the green suede car shoes, had tried on a pair of purple ones, but they make my feet look smaller than how small they already are :(

  13. Karena says:

    As a shoe crazy woamn, I love all that great after holiday gifts you found, including the devine Prada heels, although I probably could only wear them for short amounts of time.