HHH Holiday Shopping Guide v11

{1} Inspired by Blade Runner: Roland Mouret's Marceau Coat, Net-a-Porter, $3,645  {2} Inspired by Gattaca: Metal Diane Comb, CacheBeauty.com, $6.69  {3} Inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis: Michael Kors' Cashmere Beaded Dress, Net-a-Porter, $1,797  {4} Inspired by Gattaca: Roger Tallon "Helicoid" Spiral Staircase, 1964, previously available at auction at Treadway/Toomey Galleries, ~$12,000  {5} Inspired by Star Wars (Princess Leia's arm cuff): Vera Wang Snake Necklace, Vivre, $550  {6} Inspired by Gattaca: Handmade OEH1 Ebony Brush, Kent Brushes, £120  {7} Inspired by Uma Thurman's Actual Citroën DS in Gattaca: Model Citroën DS, Model-Car.com, $35.64  {8} Inspired by Jude Law's silver, wildly dimpled tie in Gattaca: Purple Label Solid Grey Satin Tie, Ralph Lauren, $175  {9} Inspired by the workers in Metropolis: Pure Blue Japan Denim Jacket, Pure Blue Denim (discovered via The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. I LOVE this board. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and I love Blade Runner (movie and book). A mom that loves design, TV, gossip and sci-fi; a bit of a weird combo but it's me.

  2. In all likelihood I'll be among the workers. At least I'll look stylish in that denim jacket.

  3. Wrap up the Michael Kors thanks, xv.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the pure blue denim jacket is a must-have!

  5. this was my favourite guide!

    inspired by gattaca: roger tallon "helicoid" spiral staircase, 1964

    OMG ; )

  6. Anonymous says:

    oh dear lord, of all things i love the comb. and i can't say it enough - i love these guides.