HHH Holiday Shopping Guide v11

{1} Inspired by Blade Runner: Roland Mouret's Marceau Coat, Net-a-Porter, $3,645  {2} Inspired by Gattaca: Metal Diane Comb, CacheBeauty.com, $6.69  {3} Inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis: Michael Kors' Cashmere Beaded Dress, Net-a-Porter, $1,797  {4} Inspired by Gattaca: Roger Tallon "Helicoid" Spiral Staircase, 1964, previously available at auction at Treadway/Toomey Galleries, ~$12,000  {5} Inspired by Star Wars (Princess Leia's arm cuff): Vera Wang Snake Necklace, Vivre, $550  {6} Inspired by Gattaca: Handmade OEH1 Ebony Brush, Kent Brushes, £120  {7} Inspired by Uma Thurman's Actual Citroën DS in Gattaca: Model Citroën DS, Model-Car.com, $35.64  {8} Inspired by Jude Law's silver, wildly dimpled tie in Gattaca: Purple Label Solid Grey Satin Tie, Ralph Lauren, $175  {9} Inspired by the workers in Metropolis: Pure Blue Japan Denim Jacket, Pure Blue Denim (discovered via The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. I LOVE this board. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and I love Blade Runner (movie and book). A mom that loves design, TV, gossip and sci-fi; a bit of a weird combo but it's me.

  2. T.A. says:

    In all likelihood I'll be among the workers. At least I'll look stylish in that denim jacket.

  3. Wrap up the Michael Kors thanks, xv.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the pure blue denim jacket is a must-have!

  5. this was my favourite guide!

    inspired by gattaca: roger tallon "helicoid" spiral staircase, 1964

    OMG ; )

  6. matt says:

    oh dear lord, of all things i love the comb. and i can't say it enough - i love these guides.