HHH Holiday Gift Guide v7

{1} Muehlbauer VATI hat (wool herringbone and rabbit fur), Muehlbauer, price unknown (likely too much)  {2} The Frenchy Inspiration!  {3} Elan 999 Wood Skis, Backcountry.com, $674.96  {4} J. Press Cashmere Scarf, J. Press, $93.75  {5} Halcyon Mk 49 Antique Goggles, Custom Lids, £56.50  {6} Seneca Deerskin Mittens, Ciré, $70  {7} Paraboot Avoriaz, Paraboot, price unknown (around $350, I believe)


  1. hollister: simply amazing. again. perfectly awesome. with absolute alpinean astonishment, vt

  2. I wish I were receiving this catalogue! Oh, wait, I am. Every time I click over and see the title I'm giddy.

  3. Haha. Thank you both! They're so fun. Might just have to keep doing them year round! Who doesn't always need presents? (This one is admittedly a bit frustrating, given the lack of price on two of the items...the two coolest items).

  4. {Tara} says:

    If I had those awesome goggles, I might actually consider living in NY in the winter again...

  5. Cerré says:

    love these gift guides

  6. Unknown says:

    Absolutely love these! would wear them while biking. They'd look good with some of my motorcycle casual gear from Customlids.co.uk