The Gild Age

By day, I (as Bridget Jones and Daniel Cleaver would say), "fanny about with the press releases" relating to medical things like monoclonal antibodies and metastatic cancer...and incisionless surgery.  Most of the time this keeps me cozily in place at a computer in my office above Grand Central. But a few months ago, my incisionless surgery client invited me to a lunch over at Cornell.  After I had swallowed my last bite of steak, the CEO kindly said, "Why don't you join us for the cadaver lab!" So, I put on scrubs (quite fun) and headed into the wildly modern basement to watch some of the world's top endoscopic surgeons practice transoral and transvaginal incisionless gall bladder surgery techniques on six different dead women's trunks. 

No one should ever have to see such things, but Joanna Ebenstein, the mind behind the incomparable Morbid Anatomy, will help us all see beautiful side to my emotional trauma.  She recently popped into Amsterdams Historisch Museum and discovered a room of elaborate portraits depicting to trade gilds -- including these surgeons.  A much nicer way to explore your first cadaver, I must say.


  1. Leciawp says:

    Ha great post! Love those pictures. Hope you're having fun this week - pretty wild isn't it?