Soul, Sold to the Devil...

In an effort to create a new generation of opera fans (which is gravely necessary given the current demographic), the Metropolitan Opera has been beaming matinee shows to movie theaters across the country live in HD...and it's really so, so cool.  (I always thought someone should do this for the big sporting events, though they'd have to allow lots and lots of beer).  Port and I caught Damnation of Faust on Saturday.  This version, directed by Robert Lepage, is the most technologically advanced in Met history with video "sets" responding to the music, movement and even body heat.  The big aria, D'amor L'ardente Flamme, is quite a beauty (sung by Susan Graham in the oddest staging ever here), almost as good as my all-time favorite. Next up on the big screen: Tha├»s on December 20.

(Image by Sara Krulwich/The New York Times)


  1. Leciawp says:

    Wow - that is so cool! Great post.

  2. Robert Lepage was my idol back in drama school. The man is a visionary.

  3. Pitboss12 says:

    I kept seeing ads for that before the last 4 movies I saw. Looks interesting. Can't wait for the Wagner trilogy coming to Los Angeles in 2010.

  4. lepage is a genius! susan graham is so gifted. it's child's play to her : ) another amazing post!