Snus To Me

Freshman year at W&L, there seemed to be a constant syncopated wop-wop-wop rhythm of forefingers on plastic at every turn...all those boys packin' their dip.   I always wondered what this did for their love lives (the dipping itself, not the syncopation, though it's a bit like being around someone with tourettes).  While the aesthetics of men using dip are decidedly awful, the aesthetics of tobacco's packages are another story.  Here we have a taste of the Swedish variety, the Snus.  Sweden's the largest Nordic market for snuff, boasting 1 million loyal users (10% of whom are supposedly women).  All sorts of varieties, if you're so inclined, at The Northerner.  

Nordströmmen Julesnus: Danish christmas snus with a strong aroma of Glögg and a deep long taste of cinnamon. Er, yum?


  1. Turling says:

    I have never understood the relationship between chewing tobacco and college. Reiterating what you stated, I never saw it until freshman year, either. Strange.

  2. Anonymous says:


    They were trying to run you off for being a girl at W&L. You think they'd pull that sht in front of a cute coed from Hollins? Not likely.

    Is a coed from Hollins an oxymoron?

  3. At my small-town high school all of the drinking fountains were full of used Skoal Bandits (little pouches of vileness) by 10:00AM. And once, during a short-lived attempt to fit in, I tried a chaw, and promptly vomited out the window of my friend's moving pickup truck (I believe it was a Nissan King Cab). Since then I've been largely immune to peer pressure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah snus - Skoal and Copenhagen - vile stuff! I grew up in a largely Scandinavian community where most of the males (and some cowgirl types) dipped. I am a fan of your awesome posts and have loved reading all of your past ones. Great style!!

  5. Haha, Anon #1! You'd imagine! The views on the road schools were actually pretty negative by my time. Those gals in '85 must've done a good job smearing the reputations of those sweet Southern Belles from Hollins and Sweet Briar. We called them Road Cheese and somehow the boys in the "Big 5" learned to avoid them in favor of the locals. (We as W&L women were, in turn, totally sworn off the VMI cadets. They might have been boys with perfect bodies from nice Southern families, but they were not to be touched). So many rules. Like the caste system or the Age of Innocence or Darwinism at its finest.

  6. Pitboss12 says:

    Geez, out here on the west coast people just smoked cigarettes in between classes. It wasn't until I met my friend from Indiana that I learned the ick factor associated with dip.

  7. oh! sweden and dip! i learned what snuff was when i was nine and read Pippi Longstocking. she wrote a letter that she was on an island "stranded, without any snuff".

    my gross high school pals called it "chaw".

  8. Where I'm from, the boys had circles worn into the back pockets of their jeans. And carried around milk cartons during school (this was high school) - you know why. Gross.

    And like Quarter Rat, I was dared to try it by someone in a pickup truck. I did, promptly turned green and spit it out. I think it cured me of peer pressure as well.

    My husband went to W&L law school, for whatever that is worth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As a snus user myself I am well informed about the stuff. snus is actually quite different from its american counterpart dip. you dont acvtually pack it like american dip. With anti smoking laws on the rise i personally have seen an increase in dip and snus use.

  10. emi guner says:

    true, I wouldn't say almost any of the female 10% pack. They just put a little pre-packaged deal under the upper lip, almost invisible to the human eye. Most of my friends snusar (yes, there's a verb made from the product, as if you would say cigaretting for smoking). here's one snus variety that'll never make it in the anglo market.