Monday Tunes: Wildwood Flower

Someone must have set off the Goldeneye on Bedford Ave. recently.  In the last couple weeks, our paltry stolen wireless signal has stopped working the moment it crosses through our doorway (forcing me into the very public hallway for hours) and yesterday, our iMac (connected to the scanner and printer) died completely and our iBook stopped accepting image files from Porter's camera.  All very unfortunate timing, given all my wonderful scores from the Antiques Show on Saturday: alligator gladstone bag...wicker polo helmet...and little British lead soldier guy with a Union Jack.  Those will have to remain out of the public eye for another day or two.  Until then, one of the greatest songs ever...  


  1. Leciawp says:

    Very sad story. We live below a bluff and, though we pay a fortune for comcast, lose internet about once a month (I assume it's because of our location - I don't hear other comcast users complaining). It is absolutely maddening! Can't wait to see your finds from the show.

  2. Sorry, but I had to laugh...
    Go and see a witch!

  3. trip says:

    I would say that Reese Witherspoon's rendition of this song on the "Walk the Line" soundtrack is just as good as the original, if not better.