Historic Election

My mom would've celebrated her 62nd birthday tomorrow...and 48 years ago, on the eve of another historic election, she turned in this typed report on ole Jack, Lyndon, Dick and Henry to her second period social studies class.  Selections follow on gloriously yellowed loose leaf...with red and black ink, newspaper clippings and a Kennedy campaign pin.  (Porter and I found this with some old slide carousels over the summer).

(Her handwriting never really changed)

(To type that donkey and elephant - on an old typewriter!)

V O T E  T O M O R R O W !


  1. Leciawp says:

    These are treasures! Those typed donkeys and elephants are amazing.

    I'm sorry you've lost your mother.

  2. It's genetic, isn't it? The talent.

    This brings tears to my eyes, honestly. What a sweet tribute. What a brilliant line of women, you Hoveys (I was thinking today of your grandmother's exquiste art, posted a few months ago).

  3. I hope she got an A+ on that report~ what a great job she did. This is so sweet that you have this in your possession.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I teach high school juniors and I have never received a report that looked this good. Ever.

  5. She was always a perfectionist, but I was still quite shocked and proud of mom! She'd just turned 14!

  6. {Tara} says:

    This is just too cool...it is great you kept this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. this was so beautifully done and very moving. i love what your mother wrote re: strength!...We're not perfct but this is just the best country in the world. i love the donkey and elephant, but it's the layout that's truly gorgeous.

    ps i'm sad about men's vogue (i had only just renewed my subscription) but i have an inkling that we're soon to see a profile of the hovey sisters in vogue!

  8. This is awesome! I especially like the elephant and donkey typed on a typewriter. (and also wish I had my own typewriter..)

    Love your blog!
    Check out mine- le ballon rouge

  9. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing, thanks for posting.

  10. That is really awesome. You are so lucky to have that piece of history.