HHH Holiday Shopping Guide v4

{1} Airedale, from breeders across the country  {2} Diptyque Feu de Bois candle, Aedes de Venustas, $60  {3} Mole Skin Waist Coat, Manufactum, EUR 155  {4} Three-Strap Custom Riding Boots, E. Vogel, $743-$1170  {5} Twig Pencils, Siam International Handicrafts, 18c each (minimum 100)  {6} Bison Leather Gauntlet by Geier Glove, David Morgan, $63  {7} Mink Pillows, Ebay, $129  {8} Navajo Wool/Cotton Woven Rug, American Country Home Store, $188


  1. Some of my absolute favourites. Manufactum! Vogel boots! Airedales!!!!!

  2. hollister, i am so in love w/your blog!!!

  3. I grew up with an Airedale. Best. Dog. Ever.


  4. So fun! My parent's have an Airedale named Lucy that looks just like the one in the photo! She's a bit high strung but super cute!

  5. not to seem too self serving, but these items at catbird would fit so perfectly into this guide! ack. hope that doesnt seem conceded.


    (we are basically sold out but more are on their way. they were just too awesome.)

  6. i love the beige mole skin waist coat! the mink pillows are insane in a great way : ) thanks for the intro to american country home store...the navajo wool/cotton rug is so great-looking!

  7. Those Vogel boots are brill. Absolutely brill. Twig pencils? Where's the eraser? Great post.

  8. Great gift guide... love the pencils and navajo rug!

  9. Anonymous says:

    wasn't that rug in carrie's apt in sex and the city?