HHH Holiday Gift Guide v5

{1} Piana Tote, Floto Imports, $249 {2} Sterling Silver Dumbbell and Cartridge Shell Cocktail Shakers, Asprey (inspired from the archives), so expensive that Asprey doesn't mention the price  {3} Crystal Crest Pin, Kenneth Jay Lane, Intermix, $175  {4} British 24th Foot Officer (Zulu Wars), Sierra Toy Soldier Company, $19.95  {5} Death or Glory Badge (to help rile up more of the Barker Black haters), Military Insignia, £25 for silver, £41 for gold  {6} Matthiessen Cot, Richard Wrightman Design, price upon request {7} Russian Sailor's Striped Telnyashka, The St Petersburger, $23.20 (image from an old J.Peterman catalog)


  1. {Tara} says:

    HH -- your blog is one of the best out there and your gift lists are one-of-a-kind! I wanted to let you know that I tagged you with a Kreativ Blogger award on my blog. Cheers!!

  2. dearest hollister...our dad is a retired General, USMA class of '58...can I tell you how happy this makes me? now we will have to put this up for the gift guide, and send your dear tissot off on a hunt....

    you rock. continually.


  3. Another spot on selection, everything for the warmongers in my life.

  4. I meant warmonger in a good way...

    And those cots are genius.

  5. asprey makes me all impulsive and bubble-headed!

    i think the kjl pin is great-looking : )

  6. I love all these gift items. They look so perfect together and make a great layout.

  7. RAD tee. i loved j peterman!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see my client's badges made it onto your list!

  9. Richard Wrightman here, maker and monger of
    cots et al. Google Alerts finally got around to
    notifying me of my inclusion in your brilliant blog.
    I love it and will visit often.

  10. Unknown says:

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  11. Unknown says:

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