The Haunting: VF-style

I go for glued on mustaches and a film about a murderous, unloving oilman...Vanity Fair opts for bottoms and a sexy French film about a very loving woman.  Next year for Halloween, perhaps I should find a happy medium.  Aw, but what's the fun in that?  I actually put on a full Tippi Hendren costume last Friday, but decided that the platinum blonde wig - god forbid - clashed with my skin tone.  So, I ripped it off, glued on the 'stash, oiled up the hair and face and hit the bar.  I think they call that tearing off your costume to spite your face.

(Photo by Steven Meisel for the December Vanity Fair)


  1. What in the Kate Winslet is going on here? OH MY! Kate! That is some photo!

    Hollister...I LOVE that you changed your costume because of the "skin tone" issue! SUCH attention to detail! :)