Crossing to the (Barker) Black Side

It may take many a man years to work up to buying himself $925 shoes, but there are less significant obstacles to surmount if one wants to outfit himself in Barker Black: ties, scarves, shoe polish, shoe trees and braces!
Shoes range from $495 to $925. The riding boot is $1,400.

Ties: $155

Large silk scarves: $270 (quite nice for ladies, too, I think)

Silk braces: $145

Ties: $155

Bowties: $110

Velvet slippers: $825

Shoe polish: $14 per tin.

Shoe trees: $150

The Nolita store.

The signature sole.

198B Elizabeth Street.
(Between Prince and Spring)

(Photos by the lovely Porter Hovey)


  1. do men wear bowties anymore? i think they're great... especially if they have crossbones on them!

  2. Leciawp says:

    I love those slippers but would never spend $825 on a pair of slippers. I do most of the shopping for my husband; I'll have to remember those ties the next time he's in need - or the next time I'm in Manhattan. Nice pics, Porter!

  3. Anonymous says:

    bowties look ridiculous and laughable in this day and age, something to be worn with formal wear only. nowadays, for common use, it is usually worn only by effeminate types in the "big city".

  4. Anonymous says:

    The shoes are so overpriced and it's such a gimmick.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see great handmade shoes go to Bergdorf Goodman and check out Bontoni and Kiton! I was told that Barker Blacks are made in India. Any truth to the rumor?

  6. Oh, my. Is this the anonymous homophobic hunter? What purpose does that serve? None of us scary city folk are going to come after you with Barker Black bow ties. Say what you want, but c'mon. If you're gonna be a bigot, grow some stones and identify yourself.

  7. I love boys who wear boy ties. In fact, we need more boys to wear 'em.

    In these hard times, a little luxury goes a long way. If one can still afford these things, eh why not spend a grand on a pair of shoes --- can't take all that money to the grave with you!

    Sooo happy that you like the pics! Tanner, the guy at the store was super great!

  8. I was referring to anon #1 on that prior comment, btw.

  9. I read somewhere that the best way (for a man) to get out of jury duty is to wear a bow tie, because supposedly bow tie-wearers are too individualistic to be team players and are more likely to hang up a jury. That's the more typical commonality than anon#1's suggestion.

  10. adore prince street...will soon be posting something that the Peter Sis has written about it, will try to remember to send you...was there this summer, how not to adore New York? and to adore bow ties, surely the best...all my favorite boys wear them...and, of course, final adoration: the pics you girls post

  11. Anonymous says:

    Edward Green shoes are killer. Barker Black is a suspicious gimmick.

    As for bowties, I would have to agree with "anonymous" and have to give them a most definite pass, for their laughability value alone is a reason to keep well away.

  12. Anonymous says:

    "...obstacles to mount"

    did you mean

    "...obstacles to SURmount"?

    (Couldn't resist, sorry. I hate comments like that.)

    But on behalf of "effeminate types" everywhere, and especially in the "big city," I thank you. You're lovely.

  13. I read somewhere that the best way (for a man) to get out of jury duty is to wear a bow tie, because supposedly bow tie-wearers are too individualistic to be team players and are more likely to hang up a jury.

    -the quarter rat

    that's really good to know! : )

    just spent time over at barker black's website...amazing stuff. i would love the archdale wingtip (antique chestnut)! they're great-looking and the signature sole is a bonus ; ) the ties are very, very nice. i think their shoe trees are insanely handsome. love love them!

  14. SURmount! Indeed. Perhaps a freudian slip!

  15. Giuseppe says:

    $155 for shoe trees? really?

    and honestly, how dated is all this'skull and bones' stuff gonna be in a year or two?

    I'm all for fancy fancy, but this stuff has always smackked of 'insider hipster club' gimmickry to me.

    just a humble opinion, mind you.

    p.s. I wore a bow tie today, and once last week, and the week before sses no inherent gayness in them.

  16. Giuseppe says:

    my p.s. should read: my wife sees no inherent gayness...

    the joke gets lost when it needs repeating, oh well.

  17. Pitboss12 says:

    Barker is such a gimmick. For those prices you could get Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, or be close to, sigh, John Lobb.

    I think that bow ties have their place in the modern wardrobe. Also, don't forget that the southern gentlemen love their bow ties.

  18. What's so terrifying in the context of these admittedly very high prices are the skyrocketing price of women's shoes. Flimsy little buggers with feathers and lace cost a grand or more now. The boys are generally very lucky.

  19. Unknown says:

    I'd buy the shoes just for the skulls on the soles! Very cool post.

  20. that olive green pair. to die for!

  21. I approve. I like Barker Black and am considering getting the Archdale wingtip brogue in antique hazelnut. The big, chunky broguing on the Archdale looks superb. What can I say? The skull-and-crossbones motif is an ancient one. It's not going away anytime soon. However, I understand if the Wall Street banker set is suddenly showing a lack of interest in these kinds of items, since many of them no longer have jobs/money. For the rest of us, though, check out Barker Black. These shoes are gorgeous.