I get a pain in my heart when I think about how much I want a country house up by Rhinebeck.  I imagine myself rummaging through farmers markets to find glorious veg and meats to take home and slow cook for hours as my guests and I drink hot toddies by the fire (completely ignoring the fact that I have a glorious kitchen and even more glorious farmers markets in Brooklyn and all I ever seem to buy is gourmet honey and flowers and that I basically use my oven for storage...A country house would change me. I just know it).  It wouldn't have to be a big house, just a little shack with a view.  Today The New York Times takes us on a tour of a different sort of Rhinebeck country dwelling with a view:  John Jacob Astor IV's Astor Court, designed by Stanford White a few years before John went down with the Titanic.  A nice couple and Stanford's great grandson fixed it up. I'll just take the tennis courts.  Or the bathroom.  I'm sure there's a place to plug in a crock pot. 


  1. AJD says:

    Definitely a house for the "dream house" idea book!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just did a photo shoot in that house. It's was actually the Astors "Casino". It's a petty the indoor pool is not shown.

  3. Breathtaking style. The finishing touch would be tennisballs matching the walls, optic yellow ones would just ruin it.

  4. When you get your country house I want to come for hot toddies by the fire!!

  5. Pitboss12 says:

    The idea of a country house is great but there's something about the picture of the bathroom that is disturbing. The stark white makes it look very "institutional". Like a place where you would hose down uncooperative mental patients.