I get a pain in my heart when I think about how much I want a country house up by Rhinebeck.  I imagine myself rummaging through farmers markets to find glorious veg and meats to take home and slow cook for hours as my guests and I drink hot toddies by the fire (completely ignoring the fact that I have a glorious kitchen and even more glorious farmers markets in Brooklyn and all I ever seem to buy is gourmet honey and flowers and that I basically use my oven for storage...A country house would change me. I just know it).  It wouldn't have to be a big house, just a little shack with a view.  Today The New York Times takes us on a tour of a different sort of Rhinebeck country dwelling with a view:  John Jacob Astor IV's Astor Court, designed by Stanford White a few years before John went down with the Titanic.  A nice couple and Stanford's great grandson fixed it up. I'll just take the tennis courts.  Or the bathroom.  I'm sure there's a place to plug in a crock pot. 


  1. Eco-Prep says:

    Definitely a house for the "dream house" idea book!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. juancha says:

    Just did a photo shoot in that house. It's was actually the Astors "Casino". It's a petty the indoor pool is not shown.

  3. Roy says:

    Breathtaking style. The finishing touch would be tennisballs matching the walls, optic yellow ones would just ruin it.

  4. When you get your country house I want to come for hot toddies by the fire!!

  5. Pitboss12 says:

    The idea of a country house is great but there's something about the picture of the bathroom that is disturbing. The stark white makes it look very "institutional". Like a place where you would hose down uncooperative mental patients.