What a Tool!

With the economy in the stinker, many of us won't even have homes, let alone the dough to hire professionals for major fix-ups.  So, it's probably time to invest in some decent tools so you can attempt to keep your own house in order.  You might want to start at Garrett Wade.  Look at these beauties!  (Above: Folding scissors, $52.40)

Thread snips, $3.75 (not kidding!)

British brass padlocks, $23,95 (small), $29.95 (large)

Ok, a true toy, not a tool, but still wonderful: Bavarian Snow Sled, $239

Pruning tools with leather cases, lots of different prices


  1. Nice pruning tools! Just in time... I´ll keep them.

  2. the padlocks are gorgeous!

  3. very cool. these are so beautiful!

  4. tintin says:

    Yesterday I picked up a beautiful pair of Stork scissors for me Mum. Bought 'em at Pollock Bailey Pharmacy at 57th and 1st Ave. Been there 115 years and was Marilyn Monroe's drug store. A great old place with a phone booth and enough dusty old stock to last for hours of browsing. I like your taste in tools, Hovey.