Stirrups, Ascot and a Justified Investment

Prior to the House's big bail out rejection, a few banking ladies justified a spending binge at the Hermès sample sale because, frankly, fine French silks and leathers tend to hold their value a heck of a lot more than stocks these days. So, while it seems silly to recommend that anyone out there throw down a few grand for anything other than groceries or Swedish perfume, this gem would have to be some kind of decent investment.  George Duncan Beechey's Portrait of Major General John Liddell of the Bombay Army, CBE, is estimated to go for something in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 GBP at Sotheby's London on October 28.

(Editorial Note: Never take investment advice from Hollister H. Hovey)


  1. that's a gorgeous picture!

    at the present moment i'm taking art advice, fashion advice and what to buy on ebay advice from Hollister Hovey. why not investment advice?!?!


  2. Anonymous says:

    haven't been following you for long but my gut feeling is that i MOST definitely would/will take any advice that you are willing to dish out.

  3. Haha -- thank you both! I'm like one of those single people who dolls out relationship advice!

  4. Great painting! Do you know which sale it's in? On the other hand, don't tell me so I can save the money for a cream-colored double breasted waistcoast.

  5. (British & Continental Pictures Shhh!