Spells to Cast...on the Tongue

Oh, yum...salty and sweet.  For parties, I've been ripping off Vosges with what I call my "Hot and Sexy Chocolate Chips": Organic blue tortilla chips dipped in a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate, cayenne pepper (hot) and cinnamon, dusted with this amazing pink pepper rose petal (sexy) sea salt.  You just pop 'em in the freezer for about a minute and they're ready to go.  They cast about nine different spells on the tongue.  Similarly amazing, but less spicy, is Marlow & Sons' chocolate, caramel, sea salt torte.  That got me thinking - why hasn't anyone added sea salt to caramel apples?  Well, they have!  Amy's Gourmet Apples in Cedarburg, Wisconsin offers these Granny Smiths decked out with caramel, Belgian chocolate and the key ingredient (though at $15.99 a pop, that sea salt better have some seriously medicinal qualities).


  1. Okay, Hollister...those chips sound incredible! And I gotta say that the apple does look mighty tempting. As soon as I saw the salt on the chocolate I was like "OH YEAH!" At $15.99 I may have to mull just a bit? Thanks for all the spicy/salty/sweet hook-ups!

  2. jezebel says:

    I'm not particularly a chocolate kind of girl, but spicy-savory-salty chocolate with a dusting of rose would be difficult to refuse. Alongside lots of scotch, this might help take the edge off of election night. Genius, as always.

  3. I cannot wait to try your little chip recipe. It sounds like the best combo of sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy. And your signature dark colors too!

  4. They really are so wildly good, those chips. And no need to go insane trying to find the rose bud sea salt any sea salt works. Let me know if you try them!!!

  5. OH MY GOD these look SO good. i love love love salt and chocolate.

  6. Britt says:

    I'm definitely making those chips on Friday.