Publishing Dreams, Shot to Smithereens

A very sad day. My dear love, Men's Vogue, lays dying.  Ladies' Vogue is absorbing it and only two issues a year will appear...and the website (and blogs) will be no more (just as I was set to ramp up my contributions).  I'd love if Vogue would incorporate some of the writing and the great "what he carries" layouts into itself.  Fingers crossed.

This beautiful photo by Tom Munro appeared early on with a grand hunting tale by the glorious AA Gill.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    No contemporary male interested in fashion will ever go hunting because of his inherently fruity nature.

  2. It wasn't really that "fashiony" of a magazine...despite the name.

  3. I too am sad to hear this news! I love the "what he carries" layouts. Last night I was absorbed in the latest layout for a nice while. Dang.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Re anonymous (10/31/08): How absurd. I'm a BIG fag and I shoot and I played varsity lacrosse in high school and at university. Prejudice is an ignoble and ugly manifestation of ignorance and fear; it deforms the bigot and the recepient.

    I'm glad, HHH, that you posted anon's comment. It's a reminder of how much our culture has to overcome.

  5. Bravo, Anon #2! It's like saying that Sarah Palin doesn't know her way around a moose because she's a woman. Or that saying Sarah Palin must be a lesbian because she does.

    Many people (be that straight men, gay men, women, black, white and purple) would never consider hunting (and many would). That doesn't mean they all can't enjoy a beautiful tweed suit, the craftsmanship of a gun or a handmade boot or the writing one of London's most witty columnists.

  6. Toad says:

    I could take or leave the magazine, but will miss the blog terribly

  7. Pitboss12 says:

    I'm straight, have an interest in clothing, and am off to the rifle range tomorrow morning. I have an interest in guns both literal and figurative.

    I echo anon #2's comments.

  8. Hollister - this is bad news. I have enjoyed Men's Vogue and always wonder why the writing for men's magazines is so much better than women's and I don't just mean the subject matter. The blog was also a "favorite" and I do regret that we won't be seeing more of you there. Darn.