Postcards from the Edge

I love a morning walk.  It helps me avoid crowded, unpredictable New York mass transit as much as possible and it's a lovely way to clear the ole head (or rack it with blog post ideas) before diving into the work day.  So, for awhile, this meant a nice little stroll up First Avenue.  If you pay attention to what's on First Avenue, however, there's nothing really "nice" or sweet about it.  If you make it past Stuyvesant Town without gouging your eyes out from the aesthetic pain, you'll roll right past the Medical Examiner's Office (I always wonder if it's got those great Guastivino-inspired, subway tiled ceilings like it does on CSI:NY - doubt it)...and then you hit the big doozie: the old Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.  God, it's beautiful...and god, it's spooky.  It's as if they pulled those architects aside and said, "Hey guys, do you think you can come up with something that would look damn great as a background for torture...some style that will evoke a sense of helpless screams from the walls for all time? Awesome."  Here's a little collection of other pretty spooky places from around our great land.


  1. this hits a little too close to home for me.

    that said, i'm so drawn to this post and this subject. it's haunting, terrifying and beautiful!