More Thoughts on Chalkboards...

Before my time there, Cy Twombly's dad had been athletic director at my college, Washington & Lee.  As one of my professors told it, dad the jock did not understand his son's artistic sensibilities, to say the least...but the son did pay homage to his dad (or his frustrations with dad) in his '50s and '60s chalkboard series.  Not only did these lay the groundwork for his graffiti-inspired work later, they look a whole lot like messy plays a coach might scribble out for his team (or maybe Cy just shared my love of the chalk-on-black look). 

(Cy wasn't the only major artist to spawn from little Lexington, VA.  Sally Mann and her infamously naked children lived down the street from me when I was there. The school bought and tore down their house a few years ago to build the new arts center). 

(Above: Untitled, 1961, oil and charcoal on canvas, St. Louis Art Museum)


  1. mamacita says:

    That gives me a whole new perspective on Twombly. Thanks for posting the story.

  2. I had no idea you were a General as well! What a lovely surprise.