The Hunter + The Modesty Flap

Like a mullet (but oh, so much more chic), this puppy is all business in the front, party in the back.  For the man who wants to simulate a morning suit, first thing in the morning, in the woods?  (Ah, the American version of a formal hunt!) For the diligent man who tucks the back side of his jacket up between his legs into his belt to protect his manhood while straddling a precarious tree branch in order to really stalk his prey in its natural habitat?  I understand the drop seat concept with foot jammies, but my mind has run wild here.  Regardless, it's great. Bids sit at $18.50 with a little over a day to go.  (All you hunters out there, feel free to explain).   


  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a built-in game bag. The purpose is to store your birds in this back pocket as you continue to walk and hunt. Notice the rubber-ized lining at its base. You unbutton and open it to clean out the blood and feathers.

  2. JDJ says:

    I believe that the back unsnaps to form a seat for sitting on wet ground and doubles as a game pocket.

  3. Anonymous says:

    RRL did a version ( minus butt flap, still has big back pocket though) of this last fall. I bought it and love it. Hell, I might even post some pics if you're interested.

  4. My god, who knew! Does make sense. You imagine they'd have a little fly fishing-esque basket for such things. Very kangaroo chic. However, thank goodness it's not in the front. "Hello, Sir, is that a pheasant in your crotch or are you just happy to see me?" BTW, what does one call the little hand warmer pocket on the front of a sweatshirt? I was incorrectly throwing around the term "muff" over the weekend, but that cannot be right. "Oh, Porter, would you mind holding my wallet in your muff? Thanks!" Hum. Not appropriate.

    Anon, post those pics!.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This place is unbeleivable! I met old frends at a quail tract in So. GA last weekend and someone claimed that they had run across a blog where "brooklin hipsters" made fun of people like us for wearing barbour jackets and going shooting with our dads and dogs.

    The guy totally missed the point of you, Hollister. You really like this stuff. It might be too early to wear brush pants in NYC, but i feel more with it than i have in a lon time.

  6. That's so funny! If I'm making fun of anyone, it's me! I love all this stuff - too much. And shhh, but I'm no hipster! Now you can sort them out...

  7. trip says:

    Yeah, I feel like "handwarmer pockets" would probably be a better choice than "muff." Or perhaps "one big handwarmer pocket" in the case of the hoodies that just have one big one.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love that you're posting ebay items. Makes shopping much more fun.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Usually game pockets open on the inside of the coat. I have had two different coats that opened on the inside. In other words, the flap swings down from the inside of the coat rather than the outside (like this coat). This is unusual (at least I've never seen one like this before. I think it would make access to the the pocket easier for someone else (assuming that one was out hunting with another person. Cool find. If it was my size...