Homemade Holiday: DIY Decoupage

Last night I saw an ad for K-Mart encouraging people to Christmas shop now and pay for the goodies in bits on layaway. While I wouldn't necessarily go this far, it's not a bad idea to start buying little things here and there to lessen the pain from the one-fell-swoop checking account annihilation caused by last minute impulse buys in December. You'll not only feel prepared for the onslaught, you'll be giving the best, most thoughtful gifts in your family. Or you can go all Martha Stewart and get crafty. So, here's my first idea for a good Homemade Holiday project: the Decoupage screen.

1) Get boards, give 'em a light sand.
2) Stain mahogany.
3) Find book of old naturalism prints -- flowers would be incredible (I used Walton Ford).
4) Scan your favorites.
5) Save at some wildly larger-than-life size.
6) If you have a program like Adobe InDesign, you'll be able to print in "tile" format, preserving the hugeness.
7) Assemble the pieces and rubber cement them together. Cut out the shape (and cut in portions to fit across the individual board as you see fit).
8) Cover boards with polyurethane.
9) Plop your cut out "print" on the wet varnish.
10) Slather the polyurethane over the whole thing, with ample quantities over the paper.
11) Put in hinges.
12) Done!

(Or, if you want to go wild in your own home, do this on a wall, not a screen. Bespoke wallpaper from your own hand!).


  1. that's beautiful (image).

    you've got me hooked on walton ford's work!!!

  2. Nice call on using the Walton Ford. Great idea.