1. Oh Hollister...you have great taste! I just stopped by to catch up! I'm savoring every post...delish! xo Lavona

  2. Leciawp says:

    off to order those gloves right now!

  3. Great gift guide -- especially fond of the Crochet Driving Gloves and the Encrusted Fabric Bib Necklace {was there any doubt?}


  4. Keep 'em coming. This kind of thing is right up my alley.

  5. that topshop necklace is superb...it would be the perfect complement to a simple black dress for holiday parties! i love your blog, btw...would you like to trade links?

  6. /// says:

    Oooh, you do have great taste! I love it all! :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    splendid! love that everything is actually affordable.

  8. i love the chinese vase!

  9. That Derian tray if fantastic. I'm ordering it for my dresser top today. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. What great pics! When is TopShop coming to the USofA? I'd love to have one down the street!

  11. Oh! And here I didn't even know I needed a gift.

    Oh! You mean to give?

    Oh! OK.

  12. Aria says:

    gorgeous, who knew all of those items would make so much sense together?

  13. {Tara} says:

    I just discovered your blog and am completely smitten.

  14. Love it all. The John Derian plate is right up my deer-obsessed alley (and priced for Target, rather than J. D., makes it especially nice).

  15. Wow, such an amazing post.