The Haunting: Daniel Plainview and His Son, H.W.

I just cannot get over H.W.'s (Porter's) transformation so far away from Betty Draper.  It's amazing what a little powder and paint can do for a gal.

I turn 30 tomorrow.  For the sake of realistic costuming, I covered my face in Nars bronzing oil and scrunched my brow to properly age myself for these shots.  Some gals might start Botox at this crucial time; I jam those wrinkles right in.  I may have cursed my face in the name of blogging art, but Blackbook blessed me with quite a nice little birthday treat.  All worth it end the end.  Thank you John Clarke, Jr.! 


  1. Uncommonly good--the mind reels.

  2. Should the cigarette have had a filter tip?

  3. Oh, no! Filter or not, I almost gagged to death from the 30 seconds that was in place. The pink fingernail polish is also a grave historical inaccuracy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    so enjoyaaaaable. i giggled.

  5. Anonymous says:

    incredible! now you just need a whiskey shot, steak, and glass of goat's milk to complete it.

    ps don't forget the milkshake!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Plainview definitely needs a sports bra or something to keep his guns in check in the first pic. The ample rack kind of kills the drama and effect.

  7. Those guns are like wild stallions, completely unable to be tamed -- even under an extremely constricting suede vest. Believe me. "He" tried.

  8. Bradford says:

    All this banter about boobies is getting me all hot and bothered.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i get Freddie Mercury, is it just me?

  10. trip says:

    Haha, I finally just got around to watching this movie. This post was all I could think about for most of the movie; I had to look it up as soon as it was over. Very nice.