Freaks for Geeks: Philly's Mütter Museum

You know how they always say you should choose nice, clean underwear in case something happens and you end up at the hospital? Well imagine if you died and someone decided to show off all your physical, metaphorical dirty underwear to the public for all eternity.  Insecure about your wildly tiny head in life? Well, how fun will it be when you're dead and some curious pathologist takes an interest, lobs that puppy off and lets that legacy live on...and on...and on in a glass cabinet or a jar in a museum in Philadelphia. So much for resting in peace.  
You have to hand it to people who donate their bodies to science.  Takes a lot of confidence to give yourself over to that kind of scrutiny.  But if you're anti-scrutiny and ever want a little confidence boost, head to Philly's Mütter Museum of medical maladies and madness and relish the fact that your eyeball isn't growing out of its socket, that your twin brother didn't come out attached to you and that your skeleton hasn't fused together.


  1. Anonymous says:

    isn't that a joel-peter witkin?

  2. Anonymous says:

    That sure is some scary stuff. I would love to visit this museum.

  3. emi guner says:

    We have a bunch of mummies in a museum here in Stockholm, given out as gifts by the Egyptian government back in the 19th century. Like some kind of oversized and aged business cards. "here,
    have some of our deceased, encased in gold, wy don't you".

    Such a strange fate to die on the banks of the Nile hoping for eternal life and a mere 2500 years later you're an attraction in the polar region.