Foul Fowl

I've always had this wildly morbid, Tippi Hendren-esque fear of being beaked in the face by a bird. It's not even a large ominous bird I fear; it's the sweet ones, like, sparrows.  Flutter, flutter, fluttering all along, then boink -- right between the eyes.  That's not to say that I'd love a bird of prey going after me, either.  To overcome the phobia, I've purchased this talon candlestick.  While real bird feet are scary and downright gross, they look quite nice, in metal, resting gently on a dresser, no where near my face.  

Talon candlestick, Catbird, $40.


  1. Lovely candlestick, though would be better without that feather, don't you think?

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you want to progress your avian aversion therapy, you might stop by Michelle Varian on Crosby St. She's selling very beautiful cast (I think) bird legs in brass and pewter, as well as little dead bird (I THINK) they're dead, sculptures. I think the bird legs are particularly beautiful, very delicate and elegant.

    Actually, it's pretty striking how closely they resemble velociraptor claws. Evolution: dinosaurs to birds - CASE CLOSED!