Ebay Shopping: 1940s Stadium Coat

Dear Male Readers, Please enter bidding war for this. Every man needs a 3/4 length stadium coat with a chin fastener thingy and amazing metal toggley hook closures.  Bonne chance!

With affection,

(OH MY GOD...it already sold.  So: Dear Male Readers Who Work for Fashion Labels, Please copy and sell to the tasteful elite. Best, Hoves).


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    clothing in a cute androgynous sort of way. I thought to myself, finally a women’s trend I can appreciate. And the good news is, the look continues to appear this fall. The ladies at the Vancouver boutique Lark have it down to a science, as does Hollister Hovey and Boy by Band of Outsiders. Men’s inspired women’s clothing with the perfect amount of femininity. Sign me up. Lark. My favorite Olch Alpaca bow tie as worn by one of the lovelies at Lark.


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