Dutch Deco

WWI had just ended. Nations were destroyed, everyone had an enemy (or six).  How do you get past that? Give the people simple lines and incredible, mind blowing fonts to get over those differences. Only if Wendingen had a wider circulation! 

(Above: Cover of Volume 4, Issue 11, 1921, Lithograph after a drawing by El Lissitzky)

Artists from all over came together to create each of the 116 total issues of this Dutch arts journal.  Each is dedicated to a single topic or artist -- and cover creation duties were passed around the artistic elite of the day.  All of the issues (from 1918-1932) will be on display until November 1, 2008, at Peter Blum SoHo, 99 Wooster Street, New York.

Cover of Volume 1, Issue 11/12, 1924, Electrotype after a woodcut by B. Essers

Cover of Volume 5, Issue 3, 1923, Lithograph by Johan Polet

Cover of Volume 4, Issue 12, 1921, Lithograph after a drawing by B. Bijvoet and J. Duiker

Cover of Volume 6, Issue 6, 1924, Produced typographically after a design by H. Th. Wijdeveld 

Cover of Volume 3, Issue 2, 1920, Lithograph by Tjerk Bottem

(Many thanks to Patrick Callery for pointing these out! Marvelous!)


  1. an amazing show at peter blum! i've secured issues of wendingen on ebay in recent years : )


  2. Erica says:

    Stunning. Gorgeous posts of late (and always).