Creations: Goin' Back to the Brush

A friend has inspired me to pick up my brushes again. I was on a mini-run for awhile about a year ago, just determined to paint portraits of all my friends, but it, like the leather collar project and Hovey Vintage, didn't get too far.  Must remedy.  These are few of my past projects (many of which I've posted separately, but thought I'd go ahead and try to achieve critical mass).

(Above: Eyeball, painted for the Healthcare PR day job website)

Lachlan Goes to the Opera, Christmas Party Invitation, 2007

Shep and the Pheasant, 2008

Spot, a little art class project when I was 13 (never choose a zebra as your subject for a pointillism assignment)

Riding Boot, first draft of an eventual package design for anthropologie

Under the Mistletoe, Christmas Party Invite, 2006

Boy with Guitar, commissioned portrait, 2006

Peter in the Pith Helmet, Raj on the Roof Invite, 2008

Man with Roses, 2006

Brain, painted for the Healthcare PR day job website


  1. This is how I know we aren't really related -- must I remind you of the experiment of taking a drawing class based on realism . . . or what I would like to call German Expressionism

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  3. I love these - especially the party invites.

    If they had ever shown up in my mailbox, they would have been treasured as heirlooms of my house.

  4. fun post. i love these.

    lachlan goes to the opera is fully realized! my favourite! it's fantastic. a series of these would be so brilliant.

    I think Spot is stunning. perfect. i wish we owned him : )

    i like riding boot a lot!

    under the mistletoe is very the crest!...and their expressions.

    peter in the pith helmet is terrific. timeless. classic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I love these. Do you still do commisions?

  6. Anonymous says:

    FANTASTIC!!! Would love to know how to arrange for a commission.

  7. my fave is the little boy with the guitar. amazing. so elizabeth peyton!

  8. LOVE these. The Riding Boot and anthropomorphic opera guy. Loved Hovey Vintage, too. What happened?

  9. i'm in love with the zebra.