1. Fantastic blog Hollister.

    The Burton's elephants are quite a feature of their stores from the deco period. Unfortunately most retail companies have become much more bland since then.

  2. columnist says:

    I agree, a really attractive Art Deco accent, and much more interesting than that with which I normally associate the period.

  3. At about midday on the 31st of August, about twenty women in their twenties and thirties were standing in a line in front of foreign clothing brand “H” company’s new store http://www.hollisteruklondon.eu at the multi-shopping center International Finance Center Mall in Yeouido in Hollister UK. Two half-naked, muscular foreign models were standing there. One twenty-something woman stood between the two men, who were only wearing shorts, and had her picture taken while making a V-sign with one hand and wrapping the other around the waist of one of the models. Thirty other women surrounded them and took more pictures of the scene with their cellphone cameras.