Tweed and Speed: The Paintings of Duncan Hannah

Last Saturday, Porter and I popped over to David Coggins' remarkably perfect pad (he's got those fantastic narrow planked wooden floors, with inlay, varnished more heavily than a yacht deck...and leather club chairs...and a fire place...and the desk) for some champagne, Hendrick's, Lillet, wine, Hendrick's, followed with a spot of Hendrick's. His longtime friends Duncan Hannah and his girlfriend, Megan Wilson, joined the marathon mid-stream -- and what a treat it was. Megan designs book covers and has a passion for beautiful things, living and extinct and Duncan certainly knows his way around a canvas and the grandest asthetics of the first half of the 20th century. A show of his new work (including the top two paintings here) runs from Nov. 7 to Dec. 10 at the Pierre Menard Gallery, 10 Arrow Street, Cambridge, Mass.

Reading Outside, 2002, available through James Graham & Sons, NYC

The Temple of the Four Winds, 2002, available through James Graham & Sons, NYC

Gaff Rig Schooner, 2005, available through James Graham & Sons

Aston-Martin, 2006, available through James Graham & Sons
(Editorial Note: London correspondent Steve is making his annual trek to the Goodwood Revival this weekend and has promised loads of tweed and vintage Astin Martin-filled photos that would certainly match these paintings).


  1. david g. says:

    The Pierre Menard Gallery is wonderful. They've been hosting shows of music on occasion and it was always a pleasure. Now I'm on the West Coast and it's a shame I'll miss these paintings as they're quite good.

  2. these paintings are fantastic. i learn so much whenever i pop by!!!

  3. I'm off to the Goodwood Revival too! I've posted a few photos from my last Revival weekend at The Man of Mode.

  4. columnist says:

    This is too spooky. I just blogged about The Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard this evening, no less. Glad I came across you (through Paul Pincus...)