Taking Stock

The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 10,000 for the first time today, creating a new benchmark for the longest-running bull market in history and underscoring the optimism of new investors dazzled by the high-tech boom and the nation's robust economy.
-Washington Post, March 30, 1999

Today, in reaction to the worst banking crisis in American history, the Dow closed at

September/October -- excellent for fashion (scarves and sweaters -- no coats), horrid for shareholders.

Crash of '29: October 24-29, 1929
Black Monday: October 19, 1987
September 11, 2001
Hurricane Katrina: August 23-29, 2005 (almost September)
Lehman declares Bankruptcy, Merrill's sold: Today

So, (1) hold on tight during the fall (technically, I meant the autumn, but "fall" is likely more apropos); (2) keep your fingers firmly crossed that we're not on another, yet different, Dow-hits-10,000 watch very soon; (3) Pray that
Ebay isn't a leading stock market in a couple years.


  1. What a lovely and thought out posting. It's just crazy what's going on around us.