SS09 | Ralph Lauren

The Marrakech Express certainly got back on track in the past 12 months.  

November 2007: The New York Times takes us through Marrakech in 36 hours.

November 2007-February 2008: Excited by said article, Porter and her friend Christopher immediately buy plane tickets.  I dedicate the next three months to finding Porter proper costumes to help her look like an extra from The English Patient in the pending travel photos (jodhpurs, vintage bomber jacket).

February 2008: They land and do their best to guzzle down this muslim country's entire wine and beer reserve -- in between photos.

March 2008: Anthropologie's new Morocco catalog debuts.

May 2008: J. Crew's new Morocco catalog debuts.

June 2008: The incredible, Marrakech-loving Yves Saint Laurant dies.

September 2008: Ralph goes all Paul Bowles.  


  1. The white dress? With the hat and the spectator pumps? I wish I looked like that every day.