SS09 | Lacoste

Every fashion week, it's the same story for me: Put a hat on it and drown it in beige and you have me at hello.  Lacoste gave me oodles of beige -- great beige (with turbans!) -- but unfortunately put it in front of a lavender light show.  So, weighing the risk of having said color taint the blog vs. the certainty of ridicule for pressing "antique" and "sepia" in iPhoto, I threw myself under the bus an went for option 2.  The jacket above came at the blinding end -- and I fear that it actually is black, not navy -- but I've always enjoyed the oversized gator (much more on the original, of course).  I've liked Lacoste shows in the past, but I've never seen one of the nice items in the stores or on the streets.


  1. Those are some nice looks, but it does beg the question: "Who's buying?" You really don't see much of it out and about.